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The RealtyHive strength comes from the ability to market all properties no matter where people are searching. In addition to traditional event marketing and branding, we place additional emphasis on maximizing the exposure for each individual property through many different advertising channels to reach the largest amount of potential buyers.

Had I not used your services the taxes and maintenance would have ultimately consumed all equity in the property.
Steven P. Cotsirilos, Seller

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Marketing Matters

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Time-Limited Events

Massive marketing & leads to you  |  Only pay when your property sells

Marketing, Leads, Time-Limited Events  |  Only pay when your property sells

RealtyHive gave me the opportunity to purchase before the auction and the transaction was as smooth as any transaction I have had. I look forward to future investment opportunities with them. 
Dan Waite, Buyer

RealtyHive has a proven track record of success with thousands of properties sold through the
platform. The innovative Time-Limited Events allow sellers to retain full control of the final
sales price while engaging a greater number of potential buyers through range pricing. This
range pricing and time-limited environment, along with the enhanced exposure provided by
targeted digital marketing, increase competition and create urgency for potential buyers.